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About Icon Converter

With Free Icon Converter, you can convert image files to the icon format .ico for free.
You can easily design your own icons with the program that supports PNG, JPEG, JPG, GIF, BMP and many more image formats.
The program also includes options such as drag-and-drop support, batch file conversion and automatic setting of target filename.

PNG to ICO Converter is a useful and free program that allows users to convert PNG-format image files to ICO format in a very simple way.

The use of the program, which allows you to complete the format conversion process with a few moves, is also very simple. After the installation phase, you can easily access the program whenever you want by creating a shortcut on your desktop. SDR Free PNG to ICO Converter, where you will not experience any confusion on its easy-to-use and simple interface, allows you to easily import images into the program. After this stage, you can immediately complete the format conversion by determining where the icons to be created should appear.

You can add as many pictures as you want by pressing the "Add" button on the program. You can then convert these images. Supporting batch conversion, SDR Free PNG to ICO Converter saves you unnecessary time.

You can test for yourself how practical and easy it is to use by downloading SDR Free PNG to ICO Converter, which is one of the easiest ways to obtain ICO format image files, on your computers for free.

The history of .ICO file format

The .ICO is a storage format for icon files in Microsoft Windows. The ICO format is similar to the CUR (Windows cursors) format for storing cursors. The difference lies in the numerical value of one field in the header structure and the interpretation of the values ​​of the other two fields in the same structure. An icon file can contain one or more icons of different sizes and resolutions. Icons can be of any size, but the most commonly used square icons are 16px, 32px and 48px. It is also used in different sizes in 24, 40, 60, 72, 92, 108, 128 pixel sizes.

Starting with Windows 98/2000, the format supports embedding JPEG and PNG images, but icon data is usually stored uncompressed. Icons come in natural color (True Color, 24-bit color depth), High Color (16-bit color depth), or fixed palette (two hundred and fifty-six, sixteen, or just two colors). In this case, the number corresponding to each pixel indicates the number of the color in the palette, not the color.

In terms of their structure, the images in the ICO file are closest to the BMP, but fundamentally different from them in the presence of an additional image. In addition, starting with Windows XP, 32-bit icons are supported - each pixel corresponds to an 8-bit alpha channel that allows 24-bit color and 256 levels of partial transparency. Using the alpha channel, you can display icons with smooth (blurred) edges and a shadow that blends with any background; the mask is then ignored.